MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – A boat that once belonged to a longtime Charleston-area shrimper broke free and washed ashore near Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Ian’s fierce winds and waves.

A Lowcountry family is now working to get that boat back into the water after learning the boat was grounded during the storm last week.

It was a sight that gained national attention — a shrimp trawler stranded on the Myrtle Beach coastline as Hurricane Ian lashed South Carolina on Friday.

The boat once belonged to Capt. Wayne Magwood, a longtime Lowcountry shrimper who died in an auto-pedestrian crash in Mount Pleasant back in September 2020.

“It’s hard to understand unless you’ve grown up in the industry what these vessels mean to you but, it’s kind of like your grandmother’s house that you always went to every Sunday, and it is just part of your family fabric,” said Tressy Mellichamp, the daughter of the former boat owner.

Mellichamp said the boat was part of her family for most of her life.

“She was a very good vessel. She’s a fiberglass vessel. She’s held up well over the years. My dad worked her for over thirty years. He got her when I was in high school,” Mellichamp recalled.

Mellichamp’s father, Wayne Magwood, named the trawler “The Winds of Fortune,” and would go on to become the poster child of Shem Creek.

“She’s been on The Amazing Race, she’s been on Dirty Jobs, she’s been on the History Channel, she’s been photographed locally in South Carolina,” said Mellichamp.

The Magwood Family sold the vessel in 2020 after owning it for 34 years.

“It’s now called the Shayna Michelle, and it’s owned by another family from Holden Beach Seafood,” Mellichamp explained.

But the family said they were devastated to learn the vessel – once a part of the family’s life – has been beached when Category 1 Hurricane Ian stormed ashore on Friday. They jumped into action to get the boat back into the water.

“It’s been in our family so long and it’s done so well for our family that we felt like we still needed to help the other owners of the boat. It still feels like the boat is still a part of us.”

Rock Magwood assembled a team ready to get Shayna Michelle back on the water by Monday.

“We have some boats actually from the Beaufort area that are actually going to come up and assist with the towing,” Rocky Magwood said. “We’re going to hook the boats to it together, hopefully, tomorrow afternoon.”

The Magwoods said they have already received a tremendous amount of support as they try to get their beloved boat back in the sea.

“Thank you, South Carolina, thank you for reaching out, thank you for supporting your local community,” said Tressy Mellichamp. “Everybody wants to see her get back in the water, and get back to work.”

The effort in getting the boat back in the water can be supported by donating to the owner’s GoFundme page.