WASHINGTON (WCBD) — Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) on Tuesday met with actress and activist Angelina Jolie to discuss the challenges facing a now Taliban-ruled Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrew its final forces from the country in August.

According to a statement from Graham’s office, they spoke with Jolie about “the plight of Afghan women and religious minorities.”

Despite pledging a reformed and more progressive regime, the hardline Taliban have done little to fulfill that promise since taking power. Women are still being denied education, and minorities such as the Hazara are being forced from their homes.

As winter approaches, the already dire food situation is worsening. The World Food Programme estimates that more than half of Afghanistan’s population is food insecure, with the impending economic collapse exacerbating the issue.

Graham said that he and Shaheen “will be working with our colleagues and Administration officials to develop a coordinated U.S. response, hopefully in conjunction with the international community, to help the Afghan people through this winter and beyond.”

Jolie has long advocated for the women and girls of Afghanistan, first visiting in 2011 as part of her work with the United Nations. Following the Taliban’s takeover in August, Jolie brought the spotlight back to the country, writing an op-ed for Time Magazine and joining Instagram to post about the humanitarian crisis.