COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – The South Carolina Senate is debating a bill that supporters say would stop new Chinese or Russian-owned businesses from setting up shop in South Carolina.

S.576 would prohibit citizens or corporations from five foreign countries from purchasing or controlling real estate in the Palmetto State.

The US State Department considers China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba foreign adversaries.

“The countries on this list have earned additional scrutiny,” said Senator Shane Massey (R-Edgefield).

The bill would provide limited purchasing exceptions for people from those countries with dual citizenship or who have acquired green cards.

The legislation would not apply to companies currently in South Carolina.

Critics of the bill are worried about the impact it could have on future economic development.

Sen. Dick Harpootlian (D-Richland) suggested the legislation would violate the federal Dormant Commerce clause.