SC Senator Tim Scott says he’s now not in favor of judicial nominee Thomas Farr

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It appears the nation’s longest vacant judicial seat will remain unfilled.

On Thursday, the Senate had postponed a vote on the confirmation of Thomas Farr as federal district judge for Eastern North Carolina.  Democrats and civil rights groups have been battling Farr’s confirmation for months.  

The Vice President had to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate Wednesday to advance Farr’s nomination to the now-delayed final vote.

On Wednesday, S.C. Senator Tim Scott voted yes on Thomas Farr’s nomination to the U.S. District Court.

But on Thursday, that all changed.   Scott now says he cannot support Farr.
In a statement released late Thursday, Scott said a DOJ memo shed new light on Farr’s activities and  weighing these important factors, he said he concluded: “that I could not support Mr. Farr’s nomination.”

Opponents had argued that Farr supported black voter suppression efforts in North Carolina.

Senator Chuck Schumer on Thursday urged colleagues to reject the Farr’s confirmation.

” Whether you are a Republican or Democrat. Liberal or conservative,  that has to be disqualifying for a seat on the federal bench.”

It appears now that Farr’s confirmation is doomed.

Senator Jeff Flake says he’s opposing all judicial nominees until he gets a vote on a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

That left Republicans with a single vote majority, but without Scott, Farr’s nomination is as good as dead.

It’s possible that President Trump will withdraw the nomination, rather than allow the Senate to vote it down next week.
The position has been vacant for nearly a decade as democrats and republicans have battled over who should fill it.

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