COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Leadership from the eight major military installations in South Carolina and Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, met with Gov. Henry McMaster and agency heads in downtown Columbia Thursday.

They talked about their accomplishments over the last year and their plans for the future. During the meeting, the military commanders shared some of the challenges they were facing.

According to Marine Corps Air Station Commanding Officer Colonel Karl Arbogast, additional affordable housing near the military installation is much needed.

“As you know our military housing is not sufficient to meet our needs,” Arbogast said. “So anything the state can do to assist will have a positive impact on our community on and off base.”

Military leaders stationed in South Carolina say recruiting shortages are also a big challenge.

Fort Jackson Commanding Officer Brigadier General Jason E. Kelly said,

“Each department offers unique opportunities and skills and we’re all in need of your assistance to fill our ranks,” said Fort Jackson Commanding Officer Brigadier General, Jason E. Kelly said. “Governor, I’m asking for state advocacy to help our military services meet our requirements and let our youth know they can be all they can be while wearing the uniform and cloth of our nation.”

McMaster and South Carolina Veteran’s Affairs Secretary William Grimsley said the state is taking steps to address these issues.

According to state officials, the military installations in South Carolina and other facilities support more than 68,000 Department of Defense Personnel.