SC community fridge project inspired by Tik Tok video gives back to those in need

South Carolina News

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW)– The Conway community is giving back to those in need through the act of community fridges.

“Some people especially right now are out of a job and you hear on the radio all the time people are having to make choices between paying rent or buying groceries,” Tricia Jones, Conway Community Fridge board member said.

When she came across the idea of a community fridge on Tik Tok, she became instantly inspired.

“I was like okay, here’s a way to make sure kids have food because that’s just first on my heart,” Jones said.

With help from friends and the community, the Conway Community Fridge came to be.

“This is something that anybody can do,” Richard Williams, Conway Community Fridge board member, said. “Anybody can participate, either being a volunteer or being a recipient and feel good about your city.”

The motto is, ‘take what you need, leave what you can,’ whether that be bags of canned goods or simply one loaf of bread. 

“That loaf of bread could make a difference in somebody else’s life,” Jones said.

With three different locations, and almost six months of donating, the need keeps growing.

“The best feedback is to come here every other day and it be empty. That lets us know that there is a need,” Williams said.

As more people spread the word through Facebook and other social media, it shows just how strong the community is.

“Conway has a slogan, ‘Conway strong,’ and this is just a testament that we are a strong community, when we see people in need we rise to the occasion,” Williams said.

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