S.C. lawmaker pushes to raise minimum highway speed limit

South Carolina News

SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) – A South Carolina lawmaker is pushing a bill aimed at improving traffic flow by raising the minimum speed on highways.

Right now, South Carolina law requires drivers to go at least 45 miles per hour on highways and interstates. Representative Todd Rutherford wants to raise the minimum speed limit to 50 miles per hour.

Highway Patrol says slow drivers can actually be just as dangerous as speeders.

“Even if you’re going the speed limit, if you’re slower than the flow of traffic, you’re creating a hazard,” Master Trooper David Jones said. “So, if we see drivers going 40 miles per hour, you’re creating a dangerous situation not just for yourself, but for others.”

If you violate the state’s minimum speed law, you could get points on your license.

If the bill passes, new signs would be placed on highways to make drivers aware of the change.

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