Rep. Joe Cunningham weighs in on 2020 census citizenship question

South Carolina News

(WSAV) – President Donald Trump is considering an executive order to get the citizenship question on the 2020 census, according to officials.

This comes after the Supreme Court blocked the question on June 27.

South Carolina representative Joe Cunningham said he believes in the Supreme Court.

“I think the Supreme Court got that right,” Cunningham said. “I think it seems to be an answer that’s in search of a question. It hasn’t been there in the past. We want a full and accurate account of all people in this country, but more importantly than that, is what they do with that information.”

Cunningham also said he wants to make sure census information is not used to continue redrawing districts for political purposes, or gerrymandering.

The census happens every ten years and is used to decide where federal money goes for things like schools, hospitals and roads.

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