Pregnant South Carolina woman fatally shot in stomach at 37 weeks

South Carolina News

BELTON, S.C. (CNN) – Deputies are investigating the death of a man, a woman and the woman’s unborn baby in South Carolina.

Officials say 33-year-old Tamell Nash and 21-year-old Sabrina Lowery were shot at a home in Bryon Circle in Belton. Nash died at the scene, and Lowery and her unborn baby died at the hospital during surgery.

JT Foster of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says Nash was not a resident at the home and it is unclear at this time if Nash and Lowery knew each other.

“She was late in her pregnancy, and it’s my understanding that the child would have been a viable life if it were to have been birthed without this traumatic injury,” Foster said.

Neighbors say the neighborhood is usually quiet and say they are praying for Lowery’s family.

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