COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — A House Ad Hoc Committee listened to more than 6 hours of testimony from anti abortion and abortion rights advocates at the State House Thursday.

The committee held their first meeting Thursday. The 12-member committee has been tasked with drafting a bill that would tighten the state’s abortion laws.

Many anti-abortion advocates said, because of their faith and beliefs, abortion should be made illegal in South Carolina.

Right now, the state’s six-week ban, with some exceptions, is in effect.

Savannah Duke said any abortion ban should not include an exception for a fetal anomaly. Duke said she was diagnosed with an under developed left leg and cyst on the brain before her birth.

“No one has the right to determine the value of anyone’s life, especially the lives of those who can’t speak up for themselves,” Duke said.

People advocating for abortion rights said they would like to see access to abortion expanded in South Carolina. They said the current restrictions and any further restrictions infringe on a woman’s rights.

Natasha Durant, a disabled veteran and mother, told lawmakers an abortion ban would not end abortion in South Carolina, just end safe abortion.

“I ask you stop these bans. Give the individual the right to decide what they want to do with their life and body,” said Durant. “Ultimately, if we don’t have a right to bodily autonomy, we don’t have a right to anything else in this life.”

The committee did not take any action Thursday.