SOUTH CAROLINA (WSAV) — New report claims kids are being introduced to drugs and alcohol at an early age. 

October is Youth Substance Use Prevention month and experts say the sooner parents can talk to their kids about the dangers of alcohol and drug use, the better chance they have of not using it. 

According to a recent study by the South Carolina Communities That Care, in Beaufort County, about 15.7% of 7th graders reported that they’ve tried alcohol under the age of 12. That same study claimed about 10.1% of 10th graders are currently using marijuana.

Director of Prevention Services at Beaufort County Drug and Alcohol Department, Wade Bishop said keeping an open line of communication is key.

“We try to encourage parents to have spoken rules versus unspoken rules because the young people will assume things that may not be true,” Bishop said. “So, we try to encourage the parents to speak to your young people, have more than one conversation, be involved in their life, involved in their school, know their friends”. 

There are more helpful tips as well as resources for different teen support groups.