COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTW) — We could all appreciate a larger refund.

We’re here to help you find one.

South Carolina offers dozens of opportunities for tax credits, from options for teachers, for using solar panels or for paying for someone to be in a nursing home.

A full list of tax credits can be found on the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s website. And remember: taxes are due April 18.

Here are some tax credits you can receive in South Carolina. This list is not exhaustive:

Professional Sports Team Employees

Looking to start South Carolina’s first professional football team? You can get a nonrefundable tax credit if there are at least 150 full-time employees in the state. The amount of the break is dependent on how many jobs are created, what year they are created and what county they are in.

Scenic Rivers

Sit back, grab some iced tea and claim a few credits. Landowners who donate land adjacent to a river are eligible for a nonrefundable income tax break based on the fair market value of the land or easement.

Research Expenses

Your lab can lead to another discovery — a nice tax break. Under the credit, 5% of qualified research expenses can become a nonrefundable credit.

Certified Historic Structures

That fixer-upper is going to help your pocketbook. A property owner can receive 10% of restoration expenses as a nonrefundable credit, can choose to use a 25% nonrefundable credit (not to exceed $1 million) and can take it over a three-year period.

Motion Pictures

South Carolina wants your movie. Taxpayers who invest in a company that develops a film “that constructs, converts, or equips a motion picture production facility” in the state can get a nonrefundable credit for 20% of the investment (limited to $100,000 for projects). The amount must be approved by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

Premarital Preparation Course Credit

Your fiancé can help your finances. Couples who go through a qualifying premarital preparation course in the year before they apply for a marriage license can receive a $50 nonrefundable credit per couple.


Mentorship and money! People who employ an apprentice can receive a nonrefundable tax credit amount of $1,000 per apprentice, which can be claimed for up to four years.

Venison for Charity

People who donate venison to charity can receive a nonrefundable $75 tax credit per deer carcass. The donor must be licensed by the state or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Nursing Homes

People who pay for a nursing home-level of care for themselves or someone else can receive a nonrefundable tax credit of 20% of expenses, not to exceed $300.


Students at a South Carolina college or university can receive a refundable credit for 50% of their tuition, capped at $1,500.


Make milk, make money. Residents who produce milk to sell can receive a $10,000 refundable credit for the first 500,000 lbs of milk produced and sold below the production price, and $5,000 for each extra 500,000 lbs produced and sold below the production price.

Classroom Teacher Expenses

South Carolina teachers at both public and private schools who aren’t eligible for their county’s teacher supplies reimbursement can receive up to a $275 refundable credit for money spent on teacher supplies and materials.