Husband of vice principal who died from COVID-19 shares experience

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KNIGHTSVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A teacher at Knightsville Elementary School in Knightsville, South Carolina will soon donate a check for more than $3,000 to the husband of a vice principal who recently died from COVID-19.

The money was raised by selling face masks in Clair Baisley’s honor.

Scott and Clair Baisley began dating in the fall of 2017, and later married in February of last year – it was the start of the coronavirus pandemic in South Carolina.

“Had great plans, you know, for the rest of our lives,” said Scott. “One thing we talked about was having children.”

They were excited to learn Clair was expecting a baby boy, Sullivan.

When the vaccine was released, their doctor said the impact on pregnant women was not yet known, so, Clair decided not to get the vaccine.

Clair was promoted from Knightsville Elementary to become assistant principal at Spann Elementary. But their lives changed on July 31st.

“Saturday morning, she woke up, she was having trouble breathing. I checked her temperature she had a small fever, very mild fever,” Scott recalled.

She tested positive for COVID-19.

Clair was admitted to Summerville Medical Center on Friday, August 6th after falling down at home. By Sunday, things were much worse. The doctors began discussing a c-section birth of Sullivan.

A nurse took Scott into the hallway. “She told me ‘Scott if you don’t authorize us to do this emergency C-section you’re gonna lose your wife and your son.’”

He went on to say, “Then I went back in and I looked at Claire and I said do you trust me? And she said yeah, and I said well then we have to do this we have to do what they’re telling us to do.”

So, they did the c-section – Sullivan was born healthy that night.

“We were able to see him from a distance before they took him to the NICU but we weren’t allowed to hold him or anything,” he said.

Clair had to be put on a ventilator Monday. On Saturday the 21st, they told him she was crashing and allowed him to see her.

“We still had hope. We still had hope that God could fix her. So long as I had her back I could do it.”

He began praying for her, and her numbers began to improve.

“The doctor came in and he said I don’t know how this happened but she’s stable again he said this is a miracle.”

A few hours later, they called him to say she was crashing again.

“Her numbers just never improved and finally she passed away that evening,” he said.

Sullivan did not have COVID, and Scott says the support from family, friends and strangers has been overwhelming.

Mary Kathryn Rabon, a teacher who worked with Clair at Knightsville Elementary, created masks using Clair’s actual signature. She began selling them online to raise money to be put in a college fund for Sullivan.

She said this is a tribute to Clair.

“Anybody who knew Claire knew what an amazing mom she would’ve been,” Scott said. Scott says Clair’s heart will always be close to him and Sullivan.

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