Heartfelt conversation on race goes viral

South Carolina News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF/NBC News) – An inspiring discussion about racism between a white woman and black man has captured the attention of tens of thousands.

Caroline Brock and Ernest Skelton share a special relationship now, and it all started with Skelton coming over to fix an appliance at her Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home.

“People judge me before I even come in the door, so that’s the reason why I ask, ‘Is it OK for me to come in?’” said Skelton.

The question caught Brock completely off guard.

“She said, ‘Why wouldn’t I let you in? You’re coming to check my appliance.’ Then, I explained to her that’s what we go through because people look at us different,” Skelton explained.

Over the weekend, Skelton went back over to Brock’s home for second appliance repair appointment, and that’s when Brock asked him a question that was a little more personal.

“I just decided to ask him straight out, ‘How are you doing right now given the current climate?’” Brock said.

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