SC leaders denounce violent protests, urge peace

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSAV) – Following an evening of some violent protests in South Carolina in response to the death of George Floyd, state leaders are urging residents to keep peace in the state.

“We’d be delighted to have peaceful protests, anytime anywhere, but not violence,” said Gov. Henry McMaster in a Sunday afternoon press conference.

Alongside other state leaders, the governor said he understands the anger and concern many South Carolinians have felt in recent days.

“We’re better because of it,” McMaster said, adding, “But also, we do not tolerate lawlessness and violence.”

GOP Sen. Tim Scott attended the conference, urging peace, saying anything else “distracts from the very important issues of this day.”

“Protest, be heard, be seen but be orderly,” the senator said. “Because it’s not just your life that you’re risking, it’s not simply the lives of the law enforcement officers you’re risking, it’s the lives of people that you’ve never met — generations may not have even been born yet.”

“How we conduct ourselves creates a pattern and a path to the future,” Scott added. “Let’s get there together because we are South Carolina strong.”

McMaster said federal, state and local authorities are prepared to respond, if needed, throughout the state. The National Guard is ready to assist, particularly in cities like Columbia and Charleston, the governor added.

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