MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WBTW) — The Goats won’t be back.

Drunken Jack’s announced in a Facebook post that the goats won’t be returning to Goat Island because it would put them at unnecessary risk.

Goat Island has seen erosion over the years and was damaged during Hurricane Ian.

“We have been observing the island during the daily high tides and there is just not enough land for the goats to safely roam,” the post reads. “Of course, this will be even worse when we endure the King Tides that are in the forecast this year.”

The goats would have to be evacuated from the island every time there are King Tides or major weather events, which the post says is stressful for the goats.

“We can not consciously bring them back to the island in its current state,” the post reads.

The post says they’re looking for “environmentally responsible” ways to restore the island in hopes the goats could one day return.

Anyone who knows of revitalization options is asked to call 843-651-1361 and leave a message.