Community shocked over discovery of decomposed body

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JACKSON, S.C. (WJBF) —An investigation continues following the discovery of a body in Jackson, South Carolina.

“It is a quiet neighborhood,” said Jackson Police Chief Kevin Liles, “There’s usually no issues like this at all and that’s how we try to keep it,” he added.

In a town of less than 2,000, this is out of the ordinary. “The good thing about this area is that the neighbors know each other and that’s why we got the phone call is because they hadn’t seen him in a while,” he shared.

That phone call led police to a grizzly discovery in a home on the 100th block of Third Street. “A neighbor called 911 stating that they smelled something that did not smell right like a decomposing body,” he recalled.

An incident report sheds light on what was reported. The neighbor said that he hasn’t seen or heard anyone at the residence for a few weeks. The door also appeared to be open. When authorities arrived, they noticed that the side door appeared to have damage but was propped closed by something in the way from within the home. They found a bloody shirt, several cabinets open, the home ransacked, burnt documents, and a side door blocked by a recliner-type chair. Authorities continued searching the home and found a couch pushed up against a small door. Once the door was opened, a decomposing body was found.

Liles says that this is not the first time police responded to that address on Third Street.

“This time and I think two or three other times we’ve been out here, but it’s been the same type of call employers calling for a well-being check to make sure that he was OK,” he said, “He hadn’t shown up to work and then we located him and everything was fine.”

WJBF News spoke with a number of residents who said they were shocked and that something like this has never happened in their community before.

It was more concerning for one woman who recently moved to the area with her two small children.

Meanwhile, the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate. The identity of the victim has not been released. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, November 18.

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