BURTON, S.C. (WSAV) — On Tuesday, the Burton Fire District presented an Immediate Responder Lifesaving award to a local citizen who helped save a life in 2022.

Brandon Ulmer was presented the award for his assistance at a motor vehicle collision in 2022.

Last April, while traveling home with dinner, Brandon encountered a motor vehicle collision involving severe trauma and critical bleeding. Brandon quickly applied a tourniquet, that he carried in his vehicle, to help stop the bleeding which ultimately helped save the life of the motorist.

Burton Fire officials say when someone has severe bleeding, every drop of blood counts. Not only in saving a life, but also in helping that injured person recover quicker.

“We need people like Brandon in our community,” stated Burton Fire Chief Harry Rountree. “Time is critical when someone is injured, and we cannot always get there in time, so we need citizens who are trained, willing, and able to render immediate aid and put time back on the life clock until we arrive. This award means a great deal to us and our community, and we are proud to recognize Brandon for his efforts, and for being the type of citizen that he is.”

Brandon is a volunteer with the Beaufort Water Search and Rescue(BWSAR), a group of local volunteer boaters who respond to those in distress offshore. It was through his training with BWSAR that he learned how to treat critical wounds, and purchased a personal bleeding control kit called a JACOB Kit, to carry with him which he was able to use that day.