BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) – The Bluffton Police Department and the Bluffton MLK Observance committee hosted an open community discussion for residents Tuesday night regarding the murder of Tyre Nichols.

Native Bluffton residents were joined by those who were newcomers and those who had just returned after spending time away from the Town. Together, they discussed how the murder of Tyre Nichols had impacted them and the community as well as what the future of policing would look like in Bluffton.

Guiding the discussion was councilwoman Bridgette Frazier. Chief Joe Babkiewicz, Gloria Holmes, Michael Lewis, and Pastor Michael Maybin were also part of the discussion.

“We have seen these instances of brutality that occurred in our society and each instance leads us to ask ‘Well what could we do different? Why does this continue to happen? What are the issues or circumstances surrounding it?'” Frazier said. “We ask questions that some people are afraid to tackle this serious of an issue.”

Community members discussed changes they would like to see in local and federal policing. Bluffton Police Chief Joe Babkiewicz says he hopes this can be the start of positive change for the department.