Arson suspect arrested after fire set to home belonging to SC Gov. McMaster

South Carolina News

A 21-year-old is behind bars tonight after police say he set fire to a home belonging to Governor Henry McMaster.

The Columbia fire department responded to the home on Greene Street around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. The fire started at one home and then spread to the home next door also belonging to Governor Mcmaster.

Residents shared surveillance video with the police prompting an arson investigation. Hours after the fire police identified the person in that surveillance photo and placed him in custody.

Chief William Holbrook of the Columbia Police Department said, “Anytime we have video, it makes our jobs so much easier. It’s an instant pointer for us to look in the right direction. This particular video not only gave us an insight as to how the fire potentially started, but it also gave us a very clear shot of the person responsible for setting the fire.”

The suspect is being identified as 21-year-old Frank Wilberding is charged with two counts of arson and possession of Xanax 

The Columbia Police Chief says the person in custody attempted to set a third home on fire but that fire put itself out before destroying the home. Damage is estimated to be $450,000.

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