COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – Could Alex Murdaugh be lying about another death his family is connected to? And why is he saying it now?

Those are just some of the questions coming out of the latest court document filed in a federal civil court case.

It comes from the federal court filing in Nautilus Insurance company’s lawsuit against the disbarred lawyer. They are trying to get back the settlement money he stole.

In his answer to their suit, Murdaugh admits to taking more than $4 million meant for the Satterfield family for himself.

But then goes on to say that he “invented” the statement that family dogs caused Gloria to fall and hit her head. He says she was not on the property at the time to perform work.

He did it to force his insurers to make a settlement payment.

“My housekeeper has fallen and her head is bleeding. I cannot get her up,” Maggie Murdaugh said to the Colleton County 911 operator on February 2, 2018.

She goes on to say during that 6-minute-long call that Gloria Satterfield fell “up” eight brick stairs at their Moselle property and was bleeding from the head.

“She is not unconscious she is just mumbling,” Paul Murduagh told the operator that day.


“I believe she maybe hit her head and had a concussion or something.”

Satterfield was able to get medical attention but died days later in the hospital.

Murdaugh told the family to file an insurance claim on his policy so they could have money for funeral expenses and life after Gloria. But, he lied to them about that claim, and never gave them the money until they sued him for it.

Gloria Satterfield

Eric Bland, the Satterfield family’s attorney says this is just the latest in Murdaugh’s series of lies.

“He’s trying to get out of the $4.3 million judgment he gave to the Satterfield,” said Bland. “He is saying I shouldn’t have given it to them because it was a lie. There was no claim, to begin with. because he doesn’t want Nautilus to get a $4.3 million judgment against him plus interest plus the Satterfield judgment for $4.3 million.”

Bland adds that since Murdaugh took all of the insurance company’s money. The Satterfields never got a dime of Nautilus’s money, maybe Murdaugh and his legal team should be careful with what they are saying.

“What money could Nautilus ask back from the Satterfields?” Bland questions. “They didn’t get any money from Nautilus. But at the end of the day maybe Harpootlian and Griffin should sue themselves. They should look at their own dollars. And ask themselves were those clean dollars we received were those stolen dollars.”

Murdaugh also says in the document that he acted alone. There was no “conspiracy” between himself and former Palmetto State Bank CEO Russell Laffitte, or his friend and fellow lawyer Corey Fleming to take the Satterfield settlement.

Corey Fleming is due in court to start his criminal trial in this case on September 11.

Alex Murdaugh also faces a total of 102 criminal charges, including those connected to the Satterfield case.

Those cases have not been set for trial. This federal civil case also does not have a trial date yet.