SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Looking for a new song to listen to while you’re stuck at home? Well, one South Carolina teenager has you covered.

Blake Weinbach, a 17-year-old from Columbia, says he first started playing guitar back in elementary school but recently discovered his love for writing music.

He put his skills to use this week, penning a catchy tune called “Adiós Corona.” From being confused about the lack of toilet paper in stores to feeling bored without any sports to watch, Blake puts into song what many are feeling amid the outbreak.

“Adiós corona/See ya later my dear,” he sings, “I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet but you’re not welcome here/Caused a whole lot of trouble/Put the whole world in fear/So adiós corona/We liked you better when you were a beer.”

Earlier this week, Blake posted the song on his Instagram, which has been viewed 2,000 times and counting.

“When are you moving to Nashville?” one person commented. “I’ll buy your first album!”

But above anything else, Blake says he hopes his song helps cheer people up during what is such a difficult time for many.

Check out NOW’s conversation with Blake below. And be sure to dance along to the song above.

What inspired you to write the song?

I saw the song that Patrick Davis had posted the day before I wrote mine and honestly just watched it and said, “Man, that looks fun!” I have a lot of time on my hands right now, so the next day I sat down for an hour or two and wrote what became “Adiós Corona.”

Actually, when I finished the first draft of the song, I played through it, and the song just felt kind of sad. It was just preaching the same thing we hear all the time now. That was not the message I wanted the song to send, so I rewrote parts of it to make it more upbeat and happy. I finished it and showed it to my family who started to crack up when they heard it.

When I saw their smiles, I knew I had done a somewhat decent job with it, and I wanted to post it online in order to hopefully give other people that same experience during this difficult time.

How has at-home high school been for you?

We actually just received an email this morning that said we will be following the governor’s closing of public schools through April, so we will be shut down through then.

However, Hammond has done a great job of creating an online learning environment for us to continue our education during this time. We have three to four classes a day online, four days a week, where we participate in a video conference call through Zoom.

It can be really strange sometimes, but it really does still feel as though we are all still connected as a school.

How soon can we expect more songs from you?

Haha, we’ll see what happens. I’ve already lost track of how many songs I’ve written, but there are only a handful of people who have heard them. Those people have given me super positive feedback, telling me I should record them and get them online, so who knows what will happen here in the near future.

I will say that if music is what the world needs right now, I’ll be willing to write and record however many songs are needed to help people get through this difficult time.