COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTW) — Want to share your love of golf or shag dancing with the world? There’s a license plate for that!

The state has more than 100 options available for specialty license plates for your vehicle, from the more traditional ones touting someone is a veteran, to a license plate for universities, to ones supporting specific causes. There are even license plates for the Beaufort Water Festival and the Boykin Spaniel Foundation. 

Here are seven unique license-plate options available in South Carolina:

Amateur Radio

Love ham radio? Broadcast that to the world! 

In order to apply, a person must certify that they have an unrevoked and active amateur radio license from the Federal Communications Commission. The license plate costs an extra $2. 

Endangered Species

Show your support for South Carolina’s endangered sea turtles with the “SC Protects Endangered Species” plate. The fees are given to the Nongame Wildlife and Natural Areas Fund. The plate costs an extra $30 every two years. 

First in Golf


Brag that the state is the top golf destination with this plate. Proceeds go to the SC Junior Golf Association to pay for scholarships and golf classes for minority and underprivileged children. The plate costs an extra $70.

Gone Fishing

This one might look “reely” good towing your boat. The “Saltwater Fishing” plate helps the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources conserve the state’s marine resources. The plate costs an extra $75 every two years. 

HL Hunley

Are you a fan of history and submarines? The plate recognizes the HL Hunley, which sank in 1864 off the coast of Sullivan’s Island, and was recovered in 1995. The plate costs $100 every two years, and $60 is donated to help conserve the submarine. 


Are you an avid dancer? Represent that love by using the special license plate. The plate costs an extra $50. 

Wild Turkeys

Want to gobble this one up? It’ll cost you an additional $70 every two years, with a portion of the fees going to the National Wild Turkey Federation.