12-year-old surfer bitten by shark at South Carolina beach

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FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (CNN Newsource) – A relaxing beach day in South Carolina took a sharp turn when 12-year-old Liam Modzelewski was bitten by a shark while surfing with a friend.

“Didn’t even hear or feel anything, then all of a sudden I was going over the wave, it bit down,” Liam said.

Gavin, Liam’s friend, remembers the moment it happened.

“As soon as he pulled his foot up I was like ‘oh my God’ so I’m like ‘bro, we got get out, we gotta get out of the water,'” Gavin said.

The two paddled in to find help.

“I got out and I was trying to hobble over to somebody screaming bloody murder trying to get them to call 911 because I just got bitten by a shark,” Liam said.

Fellow surfer Alex Deibert stepped right in, along with his wife, Jessica, who happens to be a nurse. Liam’s mother, Tenna Modzelewski wasn’t far behind.

“Put him down, wrapped his foot in a towel, called 911 and I sat with Liam who was white as a ghost and just in shock screaming and everybody came out of the woodwork,” Modzelewski said.

Liam was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery.

“He was no bone, tendon, ligament or major nerve damage, I mean, he was very lucky. It’s mainly soft tissue,” Modzelewski said.

Liam never saw the predator, but says he believes it was a bull shark based on the bite.

“So how a bull shark bites, the top is just used to hold onto it and then the bottom sinks in a rips out and it missed everything pretty much by less than an inch,” Liam said.

Despite the scary encounter, Liam says he plans on paddling back out as soon as he’s healed.

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