Skidaway Island residents say “If it ain’t broke dont fix it”

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For the first time Skidaway Island Democrats and those who are against making Skidaway Island its own city met under one roof, this just weeks before an important vote.

Nearly a hundred people packed Messiah Lutheran Church on Skidaway Island to express their concerns and opinions about why Skidaway Island should not become a city. Their biggest argument Wednesday night was, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

“We do not need to form a new city. There are discussions about we want to get out from under the yolk of the county government. well, you’re not going to run away from the county government, you actually are still subject to the county government and taxation,” Mike Vaquer, Chairman, Skidaway Island Democrats.

That wasn’t the only concern from people at the meeting. Vaquer says the newly added services like police, fire fees, and the government will only increase taxes. He says more government won’t cost less but could create more issues.

“The question is does it make sense for us to pay for the county police to come out here and patrol now as we exist,” Vaquer asks.

We spoke to one resident who did not want to go on camera. She’s still undecided but she’s conducting research to learn both the pros and cons.”That’s why I’m going to all of these things so I’ll be totally informed and don’t have to regret my decision.”

February 19, was the last day to register to vote on the incorporation. Absentee ballots are available at the Chatham County Board of Elections and online. That vote is expected to take place on March 19.

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