Sketch by confessed serial killer leads investigators to Coastal Empire

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A confessed serial killer releases another sketch of one of his victims. Samuel little has admitted to killing 90 people across the country including two in the Coastal Empire.

Savannah Police and the District Attorney are working together to learn the identity of a woman killed more than 40 years ago. Police say it happened in 1974 and she was no stranger to little.

Little told investigators he knew her personally and previously lived with her. She is described as a black woman, about 5 foot 5 inches, 120 – 130 pounds, and in her early to mid-’20s.

She also went by the street name or nickname ‘Cat’ and lived off Montgomery Street. She lived with another black female who dipped tobacco.

Little admitted to investigators he had a sexual encounter with her then strangled her.
He then left her in a grassy area, naked.

Sergeant Robert Santoro has traveled to Texas to speak to Little twice to learn more about both victims. “Mr. Little said he doesn’t know if she was dead or alive when he left her. So it’s possible she’s alive, it’s possible she’s still alive today. So if anybody knows who the person is we want to identify who they are and go from there,” he said.

Little is currently serving three life sentences for the murders of three women in California.
He’s awaiting trial for murder in Texas and has been indicted in several other states.

Sgt. Santoro says this case is unlike any other since Little is providing sketches of the victims. “This is an outlier just because we have the suspect that’s confessed to it. So that gives us something to go off of. He’s provided some really case specific information on each incident. So it allows us to go back and look to identify who those victims are and proceed and progress with the case,” he said.

Savannah Police and the District Attorney’s Office are working hand and hand to try to learn any new information.

“The hope is these victims or their families never knew what happened. So they can get closure and you know homicides we don’t have a statute of limitations,” Chatham County District Attorney, Meg Heap says.

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