CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – According to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), authorities arrested a man accused of stealing a truck less than two hours after being released from jail for car theft.

The CCSO says Dequon Jones was released Tuesday afternoon from the Camden County Jail per a court order of time served and banishment from Camden County. Jones was in custody for charges of burglary and Motor Vehicle theft. Officials say just after his release Tuesday, Jones walked about two blocks from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, saw a truck and decided to steal it.

The truck belonged to workers that were working on a house in the Camden County Sheriff’s neighborhood. The workers saw the truck being driven away and called to report the truck as stolen. 

Officials say a few hundred yards from the theft scene the Sheriff’s brother saw the truck unoccupied and still running. Deputies arrested Jones shortly after.

In a CCSO press release regarding Jones’ arrest, the CCSO says, “Dequon is either very unlucky, a dumb criminal, likes Camden County Jail food, or all of the above.”