Sense 2 Cents to host free online financial literacy classes for families throughout April

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SAVANNAH, GA. (WSAV) — Savannah financial literacy company, Sense 2 Cents, will host four free financial literacy classes online for children, young adults and their parents throughout National Financial Literacy Month in April. 

Starting on Sunday, April 5, families can join in on Zoom from 6 to 7 p.m. to learn about essential financial topics including credit, budgeting, banking and debt. 

The introductory classes will touch on one of each of these financial literacy concepts per session. 

Children as young as 8 years old can benefit from the lessons, says Sense 2 Cents founder Ashley Clark.

“The way I teach is very simple, so anybody can jump into a lesson and feel like they’ve learned something,” Clark told NOW. 

She added that now more than ever, particularly amid the changes triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak, good budgeting techniques are crucial.

“If you don’t have an income coming in, then you need to know where your money is going and how you’re spending it so that you can keep your head above water during this time,” said Clark, who has worked in the financial industry for over a decade.

She also shared the importance of having emergency money set aside for hardships, another topic she will touch on in her free online sessions.

“Emergency funds should be three to six months of savings so that in times like now, when your hours are being cut at your job, you still have that money set aside where you can pull it over and make sure that you’re able to live, at least with your basic needs,” Clark said.

She says she always works to make sure her classes are fun and easy for kids to comprehend.

“We do examples, we do lessons that are engaging for them,” Clark said.

“So if you don’t think your child will sit still through the lesson, you can come in, get the information and reiterate it and teach it throughout the day, because they’re home with you anyway, at this point,” she suggested to parents.

Anyone is welcome to sign up and attend the online sessions. To register, visit here.

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