Senator Elizabeth Warren makes campaign stop in Lowcountry

Local News

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a stop in the Lowcountry on Monday.

Warren organized an event for voters at Whale Branch Middle School in Beaufort. The Presidential Hopeful used the opportunity to shed light on her campaign. She spoke to a crowd of over 400 supporters about topics ranging from raising the minimum wage to racial equality.

“I think that there are alot of people who maybe don’t wanna say publicly but are unhappy with where we are in the current administration. I’d love to see more support for Elizabeth Warren or whoever else happens to win the democratic nomination this year,” said Supporter Claire Bennett.

Some voters say Warren’s message for the middle class attracted them to hear her speak in person.

“I think she has a good grasp on the country in terms of what’s wrong with the country. She’s for the little people. The little guy. The average American. I think we’re getting lost in the shuffle. The middle class needs to be a strong vibrant part of the economy. And if we don’t have middle class, we don’t have a strong country,” said Jacklyn Rhodes.

South Carolina is the first stop on Senator Warren’s three state tour. One of the major issues she discussed was banning off-shore drilling. 

“I hope that we can flip more and more of South Carolina. I think the demographic of South Carolina is changing. More and more people are coming here from other states and they’re seeing the problems of South Carolina but I think South Carolina can’t get out of its own way in some regards so we wanna bring South Carolina into the 21st Century in terms of equality for all people. For all communities,” said Rhodes.

Warren’s next stop on the campaign trail is in Denver, Colorado.

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