Sen. Kelly Loeffler speaks on Black Lives Matter stance at campaign stop

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JESUP, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler made a campaign stop in Jesup Tuesday and is doubling down on her stance against the Black Lives Matter organization.

Loeffler spoke out against the WNBA last week for wanting to honor the movement. Loeffler is addressing this issue that landed her in hot water after saying she does not support the “political Black Lives Matter organization” behind the movement but she does support the statement.

“Yes, that is very different from the statement which I think we all agree with that statement. Every single African American life is important and we have to root out racism,” Loeffler said.

Loeffler’s opinion didn’t sit well with the WNBA team that she co-owns the Atlanta Dream. She sent a letter to the WNBA’s commissioner expressing her opposition to the league’s plans for players to wear warmup jerseys with “Black Lives Matter” on the front and “Say Her Name” on the back.

“The BLM political organization has Marxist foundations that want to defund the police and our military. They promote violence and antisemitism,” Loeffler said.

WNBA players are now calling for the Senator to leave the league.

“For her to come out and say that we’re divisive and that Black Lives Matter movement is a divisive organization I call her bs on that,” Natasha Cloud with the Washington Mystics said.

The WNBA said in a statement, “The WNBA is based on the principle of equal and fair treatment of all people and we, along with the teams and players, will continue to use our platforms to vigorously advocate for social justice. Sen. Kelly Loeffler has not served as a Governor of the Atlanta Dream since October 2019 and is no longer involved in the day-to-day business of the team.”

“These movements to defund the police are dangerous. You see what’s happening in cities like New York, like Portland and what happened in Atlanta with this autonomous zone and the death of an 8-year-old child. We have to back the blue,” Loeffler said.

Senator Loeffler said she has introduced new legislation for cities, states or municipalities that choose to defund the police. Governments that do this could be limited to the amount of federal funds they receive.

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