WILMINGTON ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — The Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper announced today that a second yellow-legged hornet’s nest was discovered on Wilmington Island on Sept. 15 and was eradicated by the same pest professionals who destroyed the first nest.

The first yellow-legged hornet in the United States was spotted in Georgia on August 9. Within the same month, Department staff and a pest management team destroyed the first nest in a residential neighborhood also on Wilmington Island.

“We’ll continue working around the clock to find any additional hornets, eradicate this invasive pest, and protect our state’s agriculture industry,” Harper said in a press release.

Once the second nest was removed, it was examined by Dr. Lewis Bartlett from the University of Georgia and Dr. Jamies Ellis from the University of Florida. According to the experts, no evidence was found of the production of reproductive males or queens in the colony at the time of its destruction.

Currently, yellow-legged hornets have been detected in 12 different locations around Wilmington Island, Whitemarsh Island, and Thunderbolt.

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