School resource officer inspires Savannah students through poetry

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A local school resource officer is using his poetry to reach out and inspire students. 

School Resource Officer (SRO) Bilaal Muhammad walks the halls of Savannah High School every day, but what some might not see behind the badge is a spoken word poet.

It’s something he’s been doing for quite a while, working on poetry and dabbling rap.

As a Muslim-African-American, he hopes his art can inspire students and broaden their perceptions.

“Build a solid foundation right now with words that are on fire,” Muhammad told students. “Words that are educational and sometimes confrontational.”

The SRO was invited to Daniel Bonnell’s art studio on Tuesday to share his poetry with the class. His words touch on race, injustice, love and loss, and focus on what students might face outside of school.

“My students, they’ve all been born after 9/11. They’re locked into these walls of fear, misunderstanding, and prejudice. They need adults, they need examples that tear down those walls,” Mr. Bonnell, public art teacher said.

Muhammad hopes his performance will break down political and social barriers to empower Savannah High students.

“You matter. Your words matter,” he said. “Words are powerful, you can change the world with your words.”

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