SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Mitchell Waters, a Savannah man, received two calls on Sunday afternoon. He usually doesn’t answer calls from unknown numbers, but this time he did.

“She told me she represented Georgia Power and said that my bill was past due and that I should talk to someone to get it up to date, otherwise my power would be cut off,” Waters said.

Once he heard it was his power company calling, Waters thought it was important to listen. But it soon became clear to him that it was a scam call.

“They convinced me actually that they were representatives of Georgia Power and that’s why I wanted to listen to hear what they had to say,” Waters said. “He wanted my personal information – social security number, debit card number, all that business. Of course, I don’t give that out to anybody.”

Waters then called Georgia Power, who said he did not owe any money on his balance.

The company serves nearly 370,000 people in southeast Georgia. A spokesperson for the company said calls like the ones Waters received are common, especially as we near the holidays.

“If Georgia Power needs to contact you regarding a past due account, you will receive a pre-recorded message,” spokesperson Chad Nation said. “If anyone does contact you requesting any type of moneys, please hang up and you can always contact our customer service number.”

Nation said legitimate Georgia Power representatives will not ask for personal information over the phone.

“We recommend that our customers never give any type of credit card or debit card information, never give any personal information over the call,” Nation said.

While Waters avoided falling victim to the scam, he wants his neighbors to be aware.

“They’re good at what they do. They really are,” Waters said, “If they put that to good use, it would be a lot better. But they’re just out to scam people.”

Nation said the company is also aware of scammers contacting people over email. He advised customers to delete any email from someone claiming to be a representative for the company.