SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Hyundai Metaplant will be getting some colorful décor handcrafted by SCAD students.

Friday, Hyundai announced the winners of a school-wide competition to create a painting for the plant’s water tower.

“What you see here is what everyone is going to be what everybody sees as they go down the highway, which, it’s just awesome,” said Joe LaMuraglia, head of Communications at Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America.

A team of three SCAD students created the design that will circle the top of the Metaplant’s water tower.

It’s meant to fit Hyundai’s mission statement: “Progress for Humanity.”

SCAD junior Jacob Peronne is one of the students who created the design.

courtesy of SCAD

“We were trying to bolster Hyundai’s mission and vision, trying to vision humanity for a better future,” said Peronne.

He said he and his fellow students had one week to create and bring the design to life.

“So it was quick, but it was an amazing opportunity to be able to work with my multidisciplinary team, working with people from completely different disciplines, and coming together to be able to make something that’s going to mean a lot to the local population,” Peronne said.

His team beat out five other teams comprised of SCAD students to have their design displayed at the plant.

LaMuraglia tells News 3 this is a big deal for the winners because the water tower is going to be a landmark in Bryan County.

“We realize we are a big employer here, and having students being part of what’s going to be a very permanent fixture on I-16 is actually fantastic,” said LaMuraglia. “Having their design and interpretation of what we’re all about is fantastic to winners.”

Peronne says although it was a tough competition with a rigorous deadline, the work was worth it.

“Constraints are one thing, but being able to have such amazing teammates and produce something is really powerful,” he said.

Metaplant employees say the water tower will be erected in November of 2024.