SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Two longtime staff members with a total of over 70 years of stewardship at the Savannah College of Art and Design will now have their legacy forever shown with a building being named after them.

“This is mind-blowing just to see my work hanging up in a SCAD photography building is a dream,” James Graham.

Graham and Trae Scott have both been a part of the SCAD community for over three decades. The two both work for support services and a few of their responsibilities are setting up all of SCAD’s events, organizing new buildings and getting dorms ready for move-in.

“The idea came from President Wallace to recognize two long-standing SCAD staff members who everyone at SCAD loves and adores and greatly appreciates the work they do and the contributions they make to the SCAD community,” said Darrell Naylor-Johnson, SCAD Savannah vice president.

The 17,000-square-foot building has classrooms, a photography check-out center, and photo studios, and James’ work is even displayed along the wall. He says only one word comes to his mind when he thinks about the honor.

“Mind-blowing this is a tremendous honor just to have this done for me and them to think of me and to recognize all the work I’ve done over the years it’s just a tremendous honor,” said Graham.

Scott says the honor is not only tremendous but it’s a worldwide recognition of their service.

“The mention of SCAD alone is just an honor. You can go all over the world and mention SCAD and everyone knows SCAD, so for my name to be placed on a building, on a SCAD building, that’s amazing to me,” said Scott.

“Hard work takes you places you can only imagine.”

Scott and Graham will be honored with a block party this Saturday, Oct. 14, and its also the first time the building will be unveiled to the public.