HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — So far in 2022, South Carolina had more than 60 earthquakes.

That prompted state leaders to come up with a way to help people in the event of a destructive quake.

Gov. Henry McMaster marked this week as Earthquake Awareness Week. And, with the recent string of earthquakes, the state emergency management division is helping residents prepare with a new interactive resource. 

“Everyone in South Carolina, regardless, should understand that South Carolina gets earthquakes, and they need to be ready for them,” said Chief Information Officer, Derrec Becker.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division has released its earthquake guide. The virtual resource explains the best ways to protect yourself, and your pets, as well as information on contacts and resources.

“Earthquakes can’t be predicted, one can happen at any moment, and we would never know it,” Becker said. “So, it’s important for people to know immediately what to do when the ground starts to shake violently, and then you can’t move. That’s drop, cove, and hold on. Drop to the ground, cover your body under a sturdy piece of furniture like a desk or a table, make sure your head and neck are protected and hold on until the ground stops shaking.”

Just as recent as Oct. 14, there was a 1.4 magnitude earthquake recorded in Elgin, South Carolina. Chief Information Officer, Derrec Becker said it was important to make sure people are aware of this guide because of how often quakes occur. 

“The fact that we get earthquakes every single year. The fact that South Carolina was the epicenter of the largest earthquake ever recorded on the Eastern seaboard,” Becker said. “That’s one of the reasons, the main reason that we’ve created this virtual guide to supplement our main website, our mobile app, and all our printed publications.” 

Becker also said the best way to plan for these types of disasters is to plan far in advance.

“You can look around your home for any hazards that might happen,” Becker said. “Securing furniture, those types of things. 

One of the ways you can prepare in advance is by making sure you have a disaster emergency kit that includes goggles, a hat, and a good pair of sturdy shoes.