SC lawmakers question Sunday alcohol sales

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Current law allows ABC stores in South Carolina to sell liquor Monday through Saturday from noon to 7 p.m., but an upstate lawmaker is looking to add an extra day.

Representative Gary Clary of Pickens County filed a bill that would allow liquor sales on Sundays in counties that received more than $1.5 million from its accommodations tax. So, tourist areas like Greenville, Horry and Charleston counties could see open signs at liquor stores on Sunday. 
The bill failed to pass to the House floor after some concerns were raised.

Representative Gary Clary (R) of Pickens County said, “The mom and pop operations said in order for us to staff our stores from noon to 7 p.m., we don’t know if it’s worth that cost compared to what we would sell.”

If this bill passes, it does not mean that liquor sales on Sundays would automatically go into effect but what it does mean is that local municipalities would have the power to put the question on the ballot for voters to decide.

York, Spartanburg, and Florence counties were included in the original language of the bill, but when the accommodations tax increased from $1 million to $1.5 million, those counties were removed from the bill.

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