SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah and other Coastal Empire locations are listed as having the most expensive fuel in the state.

Georgia’s average price for a tank of gas continues to drop but locals couldn’t tell as the price of gas in Savannah is nearly 15 cents higher than the state average.

According to AAA, drivers in Georgia are paying five dollars less to fill up at the pump compared to last year—yet Savannah gas prices remain relatively high.

On Monday AAA reported that the most expensive Georgia metro market to fill up is right here in Savannah with an average of $3.51 while Atlanta’s average comes in at $3.35.

We spoke with people at the pumps today telling them about the news – many of them were surprised that the Hostess City takes the biggest toll on their wallets.

Resident Oladele Lewis said, “As far as being family people and having to take the kids back and forth from school sporting events. We actually small business owners so we got to travel and put gas in all our vehicles. Does it take a toll? Yes, when you…we spend probably upwards to 100 plus on gas in a day.

“I think it’s crazy because Savannah is so small, they are doing a lot of building, but I think its a bit excessive,” resident Shanice Young told News 3. 

Across the country, gas demand is actually down nearly half a million barrels a day, which should lower prices. But, elevated oil prices over the last month drive up the national average, according to the Energy Information Administration