SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Waters Avenue streetscape project kicked off in 2014 with phase one finishing in 2016 and phase two in 2019. And now phase three is underway residents in the area say it’s a long time coming.  

“When I look at the buildings it seems like there was a lot going on a very long time ago and it seems to be not much going on right now,” says local resident, Martin Birkenthal. “I think that there’s a lot of potential to make this a center of economic activity, certainly for this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.”

A combined project with over $7 million invested, giving the avenue new concrete sidewalks and crosswalks, updated landscaping, and decorative lighting.

“I think that’s good,” said Rich Bendall who lives on Waters Avenue. “I think you know it’s going to help foot traffic and I’m always in favor of helping foot traffic or bike traffic. Stuff like that so yeah I mean obviously makes the neighborhood better.”

The first leg of phase three starts between 37th Street and Seiler Avenue. That portion is expected to be completed in six weeks, yet the city didn’t rule out the chance for delays and residents almost expect them.

“Well, there’s supply chain issues, but there’s also the problem of trying to get skilled labor,” Bendall said. “And that’s going to present problems.”

Yet all the residents News 3 spoke with Wednesday say the benefit outweighs the possible delays.

“It’s obviously a main artery, one of the main north south arteries between downtown and the mall,” said Birkenthal. “Rather than have it as a pass-through it should be a stop.”

The construction will also bring along changes to Chatham Area Transit routes.