SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Trustees Garden Club released details on its biggest project yet, a master plan to redevelop and enhance Savannah’s treasured Forsyth Park.

“One thing we do like to say is that it seems to be loved to death,” says Meb Ryan with the Trustees Garden Club. “You know there’s trash pickup.. is a problem on the weekend. It gets used so often and so intensely, but really the city has a hard time keeping up.”

After nearly a year of gathering public input, the group submitted their master plan to the city council full of projects and improvements to keep the park up with potential wear and tear.

“You know if you look closely when you are walking through the park there are areas that are in disrepair,” Ryan said. “The great news is that a lot of the things that are identified in the plan are things that are already on the city’s mind, so to speak. For example, lighting. We’ve known for a long time now that the public would like additional public restrooms.”

The plan has roughly $17 million worth of projects and improvement ideas, including new bathrooms and a new playground on the south end next to the basketball court, a replacement for the bandshell and security camera upgrades. 

Group leaders are also looking into creating a Forsyth Park Conservancy to fund the projects. The overall layout of the park is not changing.

“There’s so many people in our city who love this park and think of it as their own,” said Malinda Bergen with the Trustees Garden Club. “It is the people’s park and so the next steps would be to create a conservancy, another public private partnership with the city to support whatever the city needs. To implement the master plan but also just to love this park and preserve its integrity.”

The Garden Club said they’ve met with the city recently who told them they have every intention of carrying out the plan. There’s no word yet on when the projects will get started.