SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Picked up on St. Patrick’s day 2020 with a badly mangled leg, Dale sat at Chatham County Animal Services for nine days before he was rescued.

He settled in with his first foster family, that included a cat and two dogs, just fine, but after surgery to amputate his leg Dale’s personality changed because of the trauma.

He became afraid of things like cars and bicycles.

“He also is scared of some dogs. He, unfortunately, did have a dog that attacked him one time, and he has a few scars on his face from that. So, he’s a little nervous with some dogs. Some dogs he gets along with great, other dogs he’s very timid around,’ says Dale’s sixth and current foster parent CJ Jordan.

CJ says Dale has shown so much growth through patience, stability and of course love. They’ve been together for nearly a year, but CJ has to give him up to tend to an elderly parent.

“He’d probably be best in an only dog home, or a dog that he happens to pair with well,” CJ said. “He definitely loves to chase anything that’s small and moves; squirrels are his favorite, but cats as well. So yes, no cats.”

One Love Animal Rescue in Savannah has been working with an animal behaviorist for two years with Dale, and hopes for a new foster or forever home within 50 miles of Savannah to allow that work to continue.
CJ says the session are working.

“Smartest dog I’ve ever met. He knows all of his basic commands. He loves to run tricks. He knows how to roll over. He can spin,” CJ said. “He can go to bed on command. He goes to his crate on command. He even knows leave the room, so if you’re in the kitchen and you ask him to go out of the kitchen, he’ll go to the edge of the room, wait and come back in when you’re done.”

One Love Animal Rescue says Dale’s story is one of survival and challenges, but they know with the right family he will succeed.

They say someone like a teacher or retired military personnel could be a good fit for Dale. He needs someone who can be patient with him, and act with confidence and conviction.

If you think you might be able to help Dale, contact One Love Animal Rescue at, or visit their Facebook page.