SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — With Independence Day falling on a Monday this year, there was a mass exodus from vacation destinations on Tuesday, making it one of the busiest days for holiday travel.

WSAV 3 took a trip to Savannah/Hilton Head International for a travel update as many Americans experience cancellations and delays.   

“There was pretty heavy traffic, you know, given the holiday was on a Monday,” says Lori Lynah with the Savannah/Hilton Head International airport. “We’ve only had 10 cancellations so far. So it hasn’t been, hasn’t been terrible at the airport.”

An estimated 70,000 travelers came through the airport during the holiday weekend and some experienced  delays along the way.

“My wife and me got here roughly around 7 am,” said Tom Malesic, who’s flight had been delayed all throughout Tuesday. “Our flight was to leave at 9:50. We get a text saying oh your flight has been delayed to 10:15, no big deal. The next thing you know then it says 5:15 and I wasn’t too thrilled about that.”

WSAV spoke with three travelers, flying different airlines. All of their flights were delayed, making matters worse especially for those who have layovers or connecting flights.

“My flight was supposed to go to Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Boston,” says Mia Sinatra, who is traveling to Boston. “My flight in Charlotte got delayed. So I had to go a whole new route because my flight overlapped in the first one because I was going to be late.”

Unfortunately for travelers, cancellations and delays are controlled and navigated by the airlines. All the airports can do is remind travelers to expect delays and track flight status.