SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The City of Savannah wants to engage and inspire the community through art.

Thousands of dollars are now available for local nonprofits through the Weave A Dream program.

The Weave A Dream program is an investment that aims to bring new ideas and programs to Savannah. It’s been available for nonprofits for a while but recently interest has peaked.

“Only in the last three to four years has it really taken a foot,” said CJ Bogle, Savannah’s cultural services contract coordinator.  “Even during COVID, it did have an impact. Their organizations were able to kind of engineer their programming. Since covid has ended these organizations are really coming back out. They’re really reaching back out to the community.” 

Weave A Dream’s goal is to impact Savannah’s economic growth, engage new audiences and to expand its art and culture.

“So the weave a dream program is an investment program from the city of savannah’s cultural resource department,” said Bogle. “Basically programming that’s cultural based, art based, history-based, anything of that nature is welcome.”

Innovative ideas to enrich the lives of Savannahians.

“Come up with an idea,” said Bogle. “The more imagination the better. Go in and get that idea started, start planning it.” 

As much as $5,000 thousand can be requested to Weave A Dream and even if you’re not part of a nonprofit you can get involved. 

“For local nonprofits and individuals that are interested in applying as well,” Bogle said. They just have to partner with a nonprofit to qualify.”