SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration and fun but for Carole Benton and her family, Saturday night will be one her family won’t forget.

“In the evening of New Year’s Eve, a bullet came into my daughter’s bedroom,” Benton said. “We are in my daughter’s bedroom right now, and hit the other wall, with a casing falling into her bed.”

She says her daughter, Yasmine did not find the bullet hole until the next morning. They didn’t find the casing until police arrived.

Benton said the noise was so loud it shocked her daughter Yasmine.

 “So, it was past midnight, and she had earphones on, and she said to herself that the loud noise shocked her,” Benton said. “And she looked around her, and she was in the dark, she was watching TV. And, we only found out in the morning that it was a bullet hole.”

Celebratory gunfire is also believed to be the cause of a bullet hole that went through a fence in the highlands community. 

The homeowner didn’t want to be identified but said she is certain it was caused by someone firing a gun into the air.

Benton had this to say, “think before you act.”

“So I’m asking every person whose got a gun New Year’s night, do you want to be a murderer? Do you have it in you to kill somebody when you are celebrating? This bullet flew right above my daughter’s bed,” Benton said. “This is not right. I love a good party like everybody else but I don’t see why shooting guns should be a part of this party.”