SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Nearly $2 billion will be used to improve the Port of Savannah. Thursday, Georgia Ports Authority leaders gave an update on their plans and details on how they’ll boost the local economy.

In order to support ships of all shapes and sizes, there are plans to raise the Talmadge Bridge and deepen and widen the shipping lanes on the Savannah River.

Although it was widened and deepened just a year and a half ago, leaders cited population growth and manufacturing developments as reasons for needing more space.

While China still leads the way, India and Southeast Asia are emerging as prominent exporters. Savannah is closer to Southeast Asia than other leading ports like Los Angeles and New York, which explains why the Hostess City has grown to the fourth largest port in the country.

One notable part of the plan is a $6 million pledge to improve housing and quality of life for port workers.

Also, $260 million will be invested into Colonels Island at the Port of Brunswick to develop 640,000 square feet of processing space.

On Oct. 30, there will be a State of the Port at the Jekyll Island Convention Center to further elaborate on what’s being done there.