SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — WSAV is digging deeper into the district’s response to the Savannah High School shooting hoax call on Wednesday as parents were searching for answers about what was going on inside and outside the school.

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett spoke with WSAV via zoom. Watch the full video in the video player above.

Read a transcript of the conversation below.

WSAV: “Dr. Levett, We’ve heard from lots of parents who say the district did not keep them informed yesterday. What steps did the district take to get information out and what do you think you could have done better?”

Levett: “… as a parent, I understand the concern and frustration that parents might feel in this situation. We were all feeling the very same. But we also had a commitment to making sure the first responders were responding to the information that had been called in. And we did not wish to continue to send out information that was of course was on public media — and also on social media that was incorrect. So our first obligation was to work with the first responders, get the correct information and then notify parents. Now, of course, I’m not in control of social media and the hoax had been put out there but we clearly had no way of controlling that. So, our communication with parents was based on the facts that we had and I wish that we could have gotten it out to them earlier, but that was not possible.”

WSAV: “We’ve heard praise from Mayor Johnson about the response yesterday, but we’ve also heard frustration that district administrators, including yourself, were not visible enough yesterday. People noticed your absence at the scene. What’s your response to that?”

Levett: “I would love to be able to be in two places at once and that was not possible. I think everyone who works with me — and has worked with me understands that when there’s an emergency that if I can be there, I was in another city so it was not possible for me to be there yesterday morning.”

WSAV: “What about your deputy superintendents Dr. Levett, because we didn’t even see them? We saw a spokesperson at the scene but none of the leadership administrators at the scene, that we saw.”

Levett: “Because you didn’t see them, doesn’t mean that they weren’t there. So I take exception to that. District administrators were on scene, so if you’re going to make that kind of statement I would suggest that you confirm and verify district administrations including the deputies both were on the scene yesterday, thank you very much.”

WSAV: “Well, Dr. Levett, I want to clarify that we were asking a question, not making a statement. We were not made aware of any administrators were there at the scene, we were only given a spokesperson to talk to. So, that’s why I wanted to ask you that question and what your response was.”