SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Savannah Police Department (SPD) is trying to connect with the community. Tuesday night, it brought back its Neighborhood Roll Call in the Streets. 

SPD said it’s a way for residents to build community relationships with the officers who serve and protect their area. This is the first SPD roll call since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

Residents said they are glad to see this community outreach initiative come back. 

“I think the neighbors need to know who their policemen are when they see them,” said Katherine Knibbs, a local resident. “You know what I mean? And there’s a lot going on. But I wanted to see who they are and what they look like.”

Another resident, Elton Price said it’s almost like networking for his community and believes events like this could make more residents comfortable with police presence.

“I came because it gives us an opportunity to meet our officers that are in our community,” said Price. “I think it’s important in case anything would happen. We would have a bond, a communication. That we can all talk about and I think it’s great.”

The roll call at Fellwood park drew a crowd and support for Savannah’s Westside men and women in blue.

“So they do a good job of coming through, being visible in the area,” resident Michael Walton said. “I think if you notice there’s a wide age range of people who are out here. From young kids and teenagers which is a major group to reach out to.”

SPD has plans to continue roll call in the streets throughout the city, to improve police and community relations.