SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Hostess City is getting its own version of the world’s most popular board game.

Monopoly: Savannah Edition is expected to hit shelves in early November, Top Trumps announced in Forsyth Park on Tuesday.

But before it goes on sale, you can have a say on what goes on the board.

Simply email with the location you’d like featured.

“We want to ensure that the Savannah Monopoly is an accurate portrayal of what locals love about their city,” said Brooke Gorman, a representative from Top Trumps. “So we invite everyone to send us their recommendations of what they would like to see included in the Savannah edition.

“Anything and everything is up for consideration, from the Forsyth Park Fountain and Plant Riverside District to City Market and Grayson Stadium.”

The Savannah sites will replace Boardwalk and Park Place from the original board, plus, it’ll include customized “Community Chest” and “Chance” playing cards.

Mayor Van Johnson said, “it’s an incredible honor for the world’s greatest city, Savannah, to be featured in the world’s greatest board game.”

“It will be exciting to share Savannah’s landmarks with new generations of Monopoly players and to celebrate our city for years to come,” he added.