SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Cold temperatures are causing homeless shelters to make extra room and extend their hours in Savannah.

Jermaine Ray said the Old Savannah City Mission has spent the week preparing sleeping areas for the overflow of guests they expect this weekend.  

Ray said when it’s this cold, they extend hours to allow more folks to stay inside,  have a hot shower and meal and get comfortable until the weather warms up.

“Please try to get into a shelter,” Ray said. “You never know until you’re actually out there how cold it can be and how cold it can get through the night, so I just urge anybody who is living on the streets at this time, to come into a shelter and obey by their rules just to get out of the cold.”

Ray said as this cold season gears up, donating things like towels, hand warmers and laundry detergent to your local homeless shelter makes a big difference for them.