SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Mother’s Day is the second busiest holiday of the year for florists. With supply chain disruptions slowing down shipments across the country, WSAV spoke with a local store owner who said they’re not having any problems getting the supplies they need, but it is taking a longer time to get those orders.

“I have not had any problems getting anything,” said Janice Karrh, owner of John Wolf Florist. “It’s a shipping date, like if you know you just definitely got to have this kind of tropical flower that’s not always in season; give us a few days to work on it, because we can get with growers. We can have things shipped in.”

It’s a busy season at the floral store that has been in business for 120 years. Karrh said the industry has changed dramatically from when she first got started in 1965.

“Many times your local wholesalers sell to the general public just like they do the florist, so we have found we have to go that extra mile to get something different, fresher,” the family-run business owner added.

While there might be lower price tags at grocery stores, florists say their flowers don’t undergo the same vetting process or guarantee required for local shops. They explained buying wholesale also eliminates the expertise component associated with buying a professional floral arrangement.

“I have designers who have a God-given talent and they make a living doing this, and so I’m very proud of them. I couldn’t do it without them. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have good designers, good employees,” Karrh said.

One of those designers is Jim Green whose name is not the only indicator of his green thumb he’s cultivated with nearly 40 years in the business. Green said the floral design is only one component of the overall job.

“You have to have patience and kindness because most of the time when people come in, they are ordering for a funeral. That’s a bad time for them, so you want to make it easier for them. And if it’s a happy occasion, it’s happy. I try to make it the best way for everybody,” the floral designer explained.

Karrh and others said while they expect the market changes could drive some small businesses under, they said the artistry you get when you buy from a professional florist can’t be duplicated in a grocery store.

The local shop owner said they’re anticipating a busy wedding season and advised planning ahead and sticking to a budget if you don’t want to break the bank.